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Email Your Documents to PrintandServe@Process-Investigations.com

As you may know, the state of Florida has moved to an e-filing system that requires all documents to be e-Issued with the clerk of courts and then refiled with the clerks' portal after served.

Because of this trend, when e-issuing a case, you should be paperless to the point that only the summons and attachments needs to be printed for service of process.

We have been accepting all documents this way since May 2013 when e-filing became mandatory. This has been extremely successful and efficient for our clients. There is no down time or waiting for a pick-up from your server. Your documents will be in our office in a few seconds and out the door for service of process regardless of where you are located.

We will issue witness fee checks for subpoenas when requested.


Simply open one of our print-and-serve options from our website’s home page and drop your documents in. You will always receive a response confirming that we have received the documents and they are out for service. From there, our process-serving program will keep you notified with server comments. Affidavits and invoices will be sent back to your email address of choice after your process has been completed.

All signed affidavits will be scanned into our system. Clients can log into their account, view all documents, and retrieve affidavits and/or invoices. Original Returns of Services and/or Affidavits will be mailed back to your office to be kept with your file as required by Florida Statutes.

If you need any assistant regarding this or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to call (561) 630-4866.