A police officer in the community since 1987

Fee Schedule

Palm Beach County

  • Service of Process in "Greater" Palm Beach County
  • West Boca Raton/Royal Palm/Wellington/Loxahatchee, Etc.
  • Rush Fees. (Same Day/Night).
  • Priority Rush (Fast as Humanly Possible)
  • Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay Communities
  • Courier Service, Non-Rush (Filing Case) With Service of Process
  • Courier Service Only (Filing and Returning)


  • Services of Process, "Per Address"
  • Courier Service (Filing Case, Serving or Not, is an Additional)
  • Rush Fee Additional (Fee May Increase Depending on Difficulty & Requests)
  • UPS™ Fees Apply to All Packages Being Shipped around the State, to/from


  • Service of Process, Nationwide
  • Additional Addresses & Rush Prices May Vary Depending on Quoted Prices
  • UPS Fees (Non Rush) Apply to Packages Being Shipped Around the Country
  • Canada Prices Vary from Province to Province

We Will File All the Original Affidavit(s) with the Clerk of Court in Any County after Service has Been Completed.

All Completed Process Will be Emailed to Your Address of Choice Followed up with a Fax Copy of the Affidavit and Invoice, All of Our Records Are Accessible on Our Website

Private Investigations/Research

  • Crash Investigations/Private Investigations/Statements
  • Surveillance (We will Go Anywhere)
  • Drone Aerial Photography/Pictures
  • Fees, Costs, Office Time, Materials are Applied to Every Investigation
  • Mileage

Process Serving and Private Investigation Agency

  • Skip Traces/Locates/Criminal History/Drivers License Reports/Assets

National Criminal

  • Available in Most States: National Search of State and County

Financial & Judgment Recovery

  • Place of Employment or Source(s) of Income
  • Bank Locate and "Balance" with Financial Permissible Purpose, Statewide
  • Nationwide Bank Locate and "Balance" with Financial Permissible Purpose
  • Brokerage and Investment Nationwide with Financial Permissible Purpose
  • Bank Balance Update: Updated Balances on Previous Located Accounts

Verified Locates

  • Full Locate of Individual(s): VERIFIED
  • Reverse Post Office Box
  • PMB/Postal Private Mail Box (UPS Store)

Phone Searches

  • Reverse Non-Published Landline Phone Number (with Phone Number)
  • Reverse Cell Number with (with Phone Number)
  • Find Phone Number (with Old Info, i.e. Address, Old Number)
  • Disconnected Phone (with Old Phone Number, You Receive New Info)

Custom Asset Package

(Can Be Combined With A Statewide Bank Search for an Additional Fee)

  • Locate "All" Physical and Intellectual Property

Education Verification

  • Attendance DTS: Degree's and or Major's

Real Property

  • Searches all 50 States

NOTE: Many of these searches "are not" Internet-based searches, they are conducted by certified investigators who have the ability and licensing to gather the information requested. This research may take up to 10, days depending on request.

Process Serving and Private Investigation Agency

Sales, Services, and Installation

  • Mobile Surveillance Equipment, GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Hidden Camera Surveillance, Live Streaming Online and to Smartphone Services
  • Intranet Installation & Maintenance
  • Audio/Video Surveillance: Building/Office/Home
  • DVR Technology: Including Power Point™ Presentation for Office Conference
  • Room/Courtroom